Monthly Council Circles for Teens Starting this Month

Starting Tuesday, August 18 at 6pm, I will be co-facilitating a monthly Council Circle for teen girls with my dear friend and mentor Yamin Chehin.

The Way of Council is a storytelling practice.  It represents a rich blend of age-old communication and relational techniques that foster attentive listening, authentic expression, and creative spontaneity.  Our intent as Council facilitators is to co-create a galvanizing space for girls at the threshold of womanhood to experience what it means to tell a story from their own hearts. This is a story about life right now, one that is “current” and true today.  To create a safe container for clear expression, we will invite the girls in the circle to pay attention, to reflect, and to discover what it means to listen from the heart. As we guide them through this practice of sharing, witnessing and supporting these stories, they will experience what it is like to weave their own story into the collective story, allowing new healing perspectives, profound connection to community, and spontaneous, evolutionary medicine to emerge.

The practice of Council is based upon the exploration of the following five intentions:

  • Speaking from the Heart
  • Listening from the Heart
  • Spontaneity
  • Confidentiality
  • Leanness

When we feel "seen and "listened to," we are much more inclined to use our authentic voices and to express our true feelings.

As a framework to our Council gatherings, we will follow the wisdom of Mother Nature by way of exploring the meaning of the Four Seasons and the Four Directions in our body, mind and Spirit.  We will invite such prompts as:

  • Who am I in the world?
  • What's my calling?
  • Relationship to and with my body
  • Friendship and longing for love and intimacy
  • Developing the skill of articulating "I feel" authentically
  • Media pressures around definitions of womanhood

And, as we say in Council, anything and everything else that serves the girls, the Circle, the community and the greater good.

The Teen Council Circle will meet on the second or third Tuesday of each month at Healing Cycles in Culver City for a suggested donation of $15.  The circle needs a minimum enrollment of 5 participants and a maximum of 15 to be effective. 

To RSVP, please email me at or call Yamin at 310-280-0438.  Please share with any parent or girl who might be interested in participating in this life-changing work!