Jessie's Probiotic Party
3:00 PM15:00

Jessie's Probiotic Party

Learn to make your own kimchi and fermented veggies. Save $ and your gut.

$35. Space is very limited, so RSVP HERE NOW!

In this hands-on kimchi class, I will share my years of experience transforming veggies, herbs and salt into deliciously sour, gut-healing treats. With a little guidance from me, you will gain the confidence to make this superfood with ease in your own kitchen.

The $35 class includes veggies, herbs, and materials to make your own jar of kimchi. Probiotic cocktails and snacks will be provided. I will nerd-out on my love for fermentation science (feel free to stop me...the dorkery is endless) and preemptively troubleshoot your new life as a home fermenter! Starter cultures and fermentation supplies will also be available for purchase.

Please spread the word! Feel free to forward and share this event with anyone you think may be interested. If you can't make this Probiotic Party, there will be more to come. Expect this class to be the first in a series of seasonal Sunday courses that will transform your kitchen into a healing alchemical workshop.

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