I had secretly struggled with an eating disorder for nearly a decade. Then one morning, my mom called to tell me she had breast cancer.

The shock of learning that my mom might die stopped me in my self-destructive tracks where years of conventional medical interventions had failed. My first source of nourishment as a human being on this planet, my mother’s breast, had transformed into something that might kill her. Her breast cancer became a mirror for my own self-destructive relationship with nourishment.  It shocked me awake, rekindling the circuit connecting my mind, body and spirit. 

I had to discover a very different, more complete kind of medicine to heal from the inside-out.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine corrected the digestive, hormonal, and chronic pain issues that emerged as I recovered. I plunged into learning about traditional diets and cooking.  I developed a healthy obsession with delicious, nutrient-dense real foods, and I cultivated a reverent relationship with the feeling of fullness and satiety in my body. The farmers market became my church. I reveled in the magic of fermenting and sprouting and extracting the most potent nutritional value from local, seasonal foods.

I transformed my poison into potent medicine. I became a physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine to channel my experience into a practical healing art.

Today, I am vibrantly well. Back then, I longed to feel whole and grounded, but I truly thought it was impossible. I thought I would never escape the cycle of self-destruction.  The redemption that I've experienced from that hopelessness fuels my passion for this medicine, and it's why I want to help you.

The journey to your healing center begins with a single point. It could be the realization that you just don't feel good, or a sincere desire to make a change in your life. It can be a simple decision to commit to your own best life, and to ask for help to get there.  Your single point might just be an acupuncture needle.