Care for Your Whole Life

Studies show that regular healthcare visits improve longevity. Develop a relationship with a practitioner who also makes you look and feel your best. Quick-fix solutions for symptoms do not last. I help you optimize your whole life to reveal your highest healing potential. We seek out the root cause of your imbalance with a thorough diagnostic assessment based on the art of Classical Chinese Medicine philosophy and pulse diagnosis.  Further customization comes through Japanese-style Hara diagnosis, which involves pressing different trigger points that indicate subtle functional blockages.  Finally, I help you apply evidence-based scientific research on genomics, nutrition, and lifestyle practices to your unique constitution.

My specialties include fertility for women and men, healthy pregnancy and postpartum, pediatric acupuncture, autoimmune conditions, and chronic pain.  I use acupuncture, customized herbal formulas, nutritional recommendations, supplements, and other lifestyle practices to get you on track with living your best life.